Top 10 Travelling Essentials

Top 10 Travelling Essentials

So I know it’s only been a couple of weeks (not even!) since we’ve come back from our celebration trip to Mexico, but I am totally plotting my next trip LOL!  Well, a girl can dream!  Anyhoo, that got me thinking about travelling essentials and I thought I would share my top 10 travelling essentials with you guys.

1.  Passport Cover

It is super important to look after your passport and keep it in tip-top shape.  If it gets too bashed up and ripped etc., you may not be allowed to travel…bummer.  So with that in mind, I keep my passports all nice and peachy in a passport holder.  Yes, I’m totally greedy and have 2 passports…..I like to pretend I’m the female version of James Bond…I call myself Jemima Bond LOL!  I have a little obsession with British brand Smythson, especially when it comes to travelling items, so I couldn’t resist getting their travel wallet for my passports and boarding passes etc.  I may have also picked up a cheeky little Smythson passport cover for Sophia’s passports too!

2.  Jewellery Cases/Watch Rolls

So my little obsession with Smythson continues into my jewellery roll too…oh dear!  I absolutely love my travel roll as it keeps all my necklaces etc. nice and secure and stops them from becoming a giant tangled mess so I think it is totally worth investing in this bad boy.  Who wants to spend 30 minutes unknotting your favourite necklace as you’re trying to run out of the hotel to go sight-seeing?!

Simon has a slight obsession with watches so for Christmas many years ago I got him the Smythson watch roll so that he can take his watches on vacation without them getting ruined.  Genius!

3.  Kindle

If, like me, you love reading when you go on vacation then this is the gadget for you!  I love reading but traditional books are pretty heavy and take up too much of my precious weight allowance.  This little problem was solved with my beloved Kindle which is super lightweight and has a built in light for reading at night without needing the bedside light on.  Now I’m not restricted on how many books I take on vacation and I can pick new ones whilst I’m away too (as long as I have a Wi-Fi connection).  Just remember to charge the kindle before you go on your trip!

4.  Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones

I have lots of headphones lying around the house so this purchase was a bit of a luxury purchase….but totally worth it!  If you travel a lot, or are going on a long haul flight (especially a nighttime flight), then it is sooooo worth buying noise cancelling headphones.  Simon bought a pair of these first when he was travelling lots back and forth between Scotland and Calgary.  I tried them out on one flight and was shocked at how well they work….to the point that when I switched them off, the airplane noise seemed ridiculously loud.  I promptly proceeded to buy my own pair of Bose noise-cancelling headphones for the next flight.  Another bonus of the Bose headphones is that they are super comfy.  I have found other headphones hurt my ears after a while of wearing them but the Bose headphones are basically squishy cushions for your ears so my ears have no complaints now LOL!

5.  Eye Mask

I don’t usually sleep with an eye-mask but I really like one for a nighttime flight on the plane.  I find that it just blocks everything out so that I’m not distracted and can actually nod off for a little snooze….zzzzzzz.  I don’t find the eye masks with the elasticated band very comfy but I stumbled upon a great lavender eye mask by Holistic Silk which has a nice ribbon tie that is comfy and doesn’t bother me.  The Holistic Silk eye mask is filled with lavender to help you sleep and is made of lovely silk and velvet; with the plush velvet side being the part that touches your face.

6.  Giant Scarf

I usually find it cold on the plane so, day or night, I like to snuggle up with a blanket and make myself comfy and cozy before I start to watch as many movies as possible LOL!  With that in mind, and to satisfy my love for scarves, I can’t resist a multi-functional scarf for travelling.  My favourite scarf for travelling with right now is the Wilfred Diamond Mosaic Blanket from Artizia.  This scarf is so enormous that it doubles as a handy blanket for snuggling up with on the plane.

7.  Small Bag

As I mentioned in my travelling with bambinos post, I usually travel with a large handbag like my Smythson Panama Tote for the airport and then switch over to a cute little handbag for carrying the essentials whilst I explore our vacation spot.

My little obsession with Smythson is nothing compared to my enormous obsession with Mulberry LOL!  I really love a good handbag and Mulberry is definitely my go-to designer for handbags.  You know you’ve got a little problem when you’re on the stores VIP list….uh oh!  Anyhoo, my favourite small handbag for travelling with right now is the Mulberry Small Darley.  Its really lightweight and has handy internal pockets for cards and money so that I don’t need to take my giant wallet with me.  I usually wear my Darley cross-body too which then means I have my hands free for more important things like drinking my chai-tea on the go…genius!

8.  Shoes

I’m usually a flip-flop girl for travelling in the summer, but that obviously doesn’t work in winter months…especially in Calgary LOL!  If I’m not wearing my trusty old flip-flops then my go-to shoes for travelling in are comfy flats that I can easily kick on and off when going through security.  Hands down, the comfiest flats that I have ever owned are my Tods Driving Shoes.  My Tods are not only super comfy but make it a breeze to run through the airport to make your connections, unlike my flip-flops which don’t want to stay on my feet LOL!

9.  Swell Bottle

Anyone that knows me will know that I drink a ridiculous amount of water everyday.  I don’t know that it’s possible, but I think my water in-take increases on a plane as I just get so parched and thirsty.  I know that you’re not allowed to travel with more than 100ml anymore, but there is nothing stopping you from taking an empty water bottle through security and filling it up before you get on the plane.  I like my trusty Swell bottle for this as it keeps liquid cool for up to 24 hours (or hot for up to 12 hours).  It also keeps your wine cool at the swimming pool or beach….just saying!

10.  Super Tock Travel Game

This is the BEST game EVER!!!!!!  Thanks so much to my friends Emily and Brandon for introducing me to the greatest marble game ever….gobble gobble!  The fact that Super Tock comes in a super handy travel size is just amazing!  No trip would be complete without a cheeky little game to play in the evenings; just don’t forget to bring a pack of playing cards too or you won’t be able to play…noooooo!

Happy travels!



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