Sophia’s Favourite Toys 0-2 Years

Sophia’s Favourite Toys 0-2 Years

With Christmas right around the corner, lots of people have been asking me what toys Sophia likes to play with so I thought I would create a list of Sophia’s favourite toys from age 0-2 years.  This list will probably be completely inaccurate come December 26th, but for now it is accurate!  Sooooooo, here we go!

1.  Nuby / O’Ball / Keys / SpongeBob SquarePants Teether 

Last Christmas (when Sophia was around 8 months old), her favourite toy was, without a doubt, her Nuby teether.  Over the Christmas break, Sophia also fell in love with a SpongeBob SquarePants toy that my niece and nephew had when they were little….Sophia may have accidentally held SpongeBob hostage and taken him home to Canada from the UK….sorry Harry and Olivia!

From around 4 to 12 months, Sophia’s favourite toys were definitely more of the teether type toys – like her Nuby, the O’Ball (a classic), keys, and SpongeBob.  Sophia still loves playing with her keys and she now uses the O’Ball as a football in the house LOL!

I know teethers like Sophie the Giraffe and Alvin the Elephant are popular (Sophia was given 3 giraffe’s as gifts), but Sophia didn’t actually like them.  Bertie on the other hand loved getting ahold of the giraffe’s LOL!

One final teether that Sophia loved was her unicorn/sprinkles/donut teether (this is what it looks like anyway!).  The LouLou Lollipop Unicorn Teether with Holder was great as I could clip it onto Sophia’s top or bib so that she could play with it in the stroller etc. without Sophia being able to pull it off and throw it away.

2.  Stacking Cups

Stacking cups are another classic bambino toy.  They really were one of Sophia’s top 3 toys to play with and we took them everywhere with us (which is why we are now missing the small red cup!).  Sophia still loves to play with the cups now, although she uses them more for pretend play at her tea parties and for practising “cheers” with her cup….adorable!

3.  Cell Phone

We went around to a friends’ house for lunch one day and I forgot to take a toy with me for Sophia to play with.  Luckily our friends have 2 older boys so they had an old baby cell phone lying around for Sophia to play with.  Sophia loved it so much that she was allowed to keep it….yay!  Sophia plays with the cell phone all the time and it is really great for throwing in my bag if we are running out somewhere.  Admittedly, Sophia usually uses the phone back to front or upside down, but she has a blast so that doesn’t matter!

4.  Duplo

My sister got Sophia her first Duplo set which was a cupcake and a slice of cake.  Sophia enjoys playing with the Duplo and used to really love trying to eat the flower and birthday candle from the top of each cake, but they have now been confiscated!  I can’t wait for the Duplo days to turn into Lego days!

5.  Skip Hop Activity Table

My mum and dad got Sophia the Skip Hop Activity Table for Christmas last year.  I initially had it set up with the baby seat in the middle of the table so that Sophia could practice standing on her legs and turning herself around to play with the different toys.  Sophia seriously loved the activity table and it was great to know that she was safe and secure and couldn’t fall over and hurt herself while she played.

After a couple of months of using the activity table, Sophia (with her super long legs) outgrew the activity table so I had to convert it back into a table for her to waddle around.  I got 2 adorable chairs with high backs to go with the table so that Sophia can now sit at the table for crafts and colouring etc.

6.  Shape Sorter

I prefer Sophia to have wooden toys instead of plastic ones and Hape has such a great range of wooden toys to choose from.  Sophia was given a Hape Shape Sorter for her first birthday and she loves it so much (even now).  The shapes come with little balls inside so they are also dual-purpose music shakers.  The shapes and the sorting-holes are colour-coded too so Sophia is learning the shapes and colours at the same time.

Sophia also has the Hape Push & Pull Elephant.  I got this for her before she was walking and she wasn’t really able to use it properly then.  Now that Sophia is tearing around the house like a crazy cat, she quite likes pulling the elephant along with her.

7.  Dolls

Now that Sophia is older, her favourite toy is hands-down her baby/dolls.  You just have to ask Sophia where her baby is and she trots off to find the doll and brings her back with a bottle of milk….too cute!  Sophia has 2 babies that she likes….lucky ducky!

Sophia’s Baby Stella by The Manhattan Toy Company is a soft doll which has a genius magnet at her mouth so that the pacifier and milk bottle etc. all attach onto the doll’s mouth.  We have bought a couple of accessories for the Baby Stella so that Sophia can change the doll into pajamas and pop her into her sleep sack for bedtime.

Sophia’s other doll is a conventional doll, but one that doesn’t have spooky eyes (so many dolls have creepy faces…argghhh!).  This doll is great because her milk bottle drains and refills itself to make it more realistic for Sophia to pretend to feed the baby with.

8.  Doll Pram/Stroller

No pretend doll playtime would be complete without a little stroller.  I found an adorable Moover wooden pram/stroller when Sophia was just born and got it for her in the hope that she would want to play with it when she got older.  Luckily, she does!  Sophia likes to push the stroller all around the house and has a great time loading and unloading her toys from the stroller.  She sometimes also tries to climb in the stroller herself LOL!

9.  Ride on Car

Santa got Sophia the Hape Little Red Rider for her first Christmas and she seriously loves it.  The ride-on car also can be used as a walker and was great for when Sophia was a little unsteady on her feet and needed something to hold onto.  Simon and I used to push Sophia around on the car and she absolutely loved going as fast as possible…the little dare-devil!  Now that Sophia is a little more independent, she can use the car by herself, although she still loves it when Simon and I push her really fast.

The car is “parked” in Sophia’s bedroom and she goes running into her bedroom to get it whilst shouting “toot toot”.  Adorable!!!

The car also has a little trunk/compartment under the seat so that Sophia can transport some of her small toys around with her.

10.  Tiny Land Kids Teepee Play Tent

For Sophia’s first birthday we got her an adorable Tiny Land Kids Teepee Play Tent for playing in.  I wanted to keep Sophia’s toys and mess contained a little and I thought the play tent would also be great as a reading nook when she gets a little older.  I filled the back of the play tent with loads of soft squishy pillows so it is soooooo comfy to lie down in there.

The play tent sits on top of Sophia’s Dwinguler playmat which adds a comfortable base to the play tent (as it sits on either wooden floor or tiles depending on where it is in the house).  As an aside, the Dwinguler playmats are amazing; they are so thick and squishy so that Sophia doesn’t hurt herself if she falls over.  The style that I picked is also reversible to a grey and white design so that the mat can be used for other purposes in the future, such as a yoga mat.

I added a few baskets inside the play tent to keep all of Sophia’s books and building blocks etc. together.  I picked the play tent in the cream colour and then I added cute pink bunting around the top of it to add some colour.  Sophia was gifted some wooden “Sophia” letters for her birthday so I sewed them onto the bunting to personalize it too.  It looks super cute; I just need to make sure Sophia doesn’t try to pull the bunting down (by standing on top of the basket of books….little monkey!).



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