Sophia’s Bedroom

Sophia’s Bedroom

Preparing Sophia’s bedroom was really great fun for me when I was pregnant.  I don’t like clutter and toys all over the house, and I knew I didn’t want her bedroom to be super baby-ish or like a Disney store….I looooove the Disney store, I just don’t want one in my house LOL!  So I went with a neutral light grey and white colour scheme, with splashes of light pink for colour.  I know this sounds like a really boring colour scheme, but it actually turned out to be really lovely and calming, which is super important for getting your bambino to sleep!

I didn’t want to buy a lot of “baby” furniture (other than the crib LOL!), so I just did some furniture re-arranging at home and pinched a white dresser and occasional chair from our master bedroom for Sophia’s room.  We were upgrading our queen bed to a king bed and needed to move the furniture around anyway so it worked out perfectly.

I had a laundry hamper lying around that wasn’t being used that would be super handy for all of the dirty bambino clothes; however, it was a dark oak and didn’t look quite right in Sophia’s room.  Fear not, a can of white spray paint came to the rescue and the laundry hamper now doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.  I haven’t actually used the laundry hamper for dirty bambino clothes yet (they just get added to my own laundry hamper) but it makes for great storage of all the clothes that she is outgrowing!

Sophia’s bedroom used to be an extra guest room which originally had a gold mirror in it.  I wanted to keep the mirror in her bedroom but the gold colour was a bit jarring against the silver light fixture and the rest of the colour scheme.  Spray paint came to the rescue again, this time in a silver colour, and the mirror is perfect above her crib.  Make sure the mirror is safely secured to the wall though!!!!!

We had to buy a crib for the little munchkin and also a little ottoman for going with the occasional chair….you have to make sure that you are comfy for the late night feeds and bed-time reading LOL!  You might spot in the pictures that we don’t have a change station in Sophia’s bedroom – this is in her bathroom.  If you have room to have a change station in your bathroom then I would highly recommend this…it is super handy to have access to the sink for dirty clothes and for washing your hands.  Plus you don’t have any stinky diapers in the bedroom which is a bonus.

I wanted to make a couple of things for Sophia’s bedroom to add a personal touch as well, so I made the hot air balloon mobile for above her crib.  I found rough instructions on how to make the mobile, but as you can see from the pictures, I added more hot air balloons and no clouds.  If I don’t say so myself, I think it turned out really well and it looks super cute in Sophia’s room LOL!

Simon and I got a little carried away with making bits and pieces….we took a trip to Michaels and got some wooden letters to spell Sophia’s name.  The trusty old spray paint, this time in light pink, came out again (LOL!) and we sprayed the blocks light pink to match her room.  We wanted to record Sophia’s height as she grows up but we didn’t want to do this on a door or wall in the house in case we ever moved.  Sooooo, Simon decided to make a measuring chart to record Sophia’s height.  It was super easy to make – Simon just bought the wood which came with the finish already shown in the picture, angled off the edges, painted the numbers on (which obviously need to be at the right height!) and attached it to the wall….job done 😊.

You would think that we stopped there…..but we didn’t!  Simon found a template for making a sit-on Loch Ness Monster which I of course had to make; well I am Scottish after all so it seemed completely appropriate for Sophia to have her own one.  You can tell that I had extra time on my hands before I had a bambino LOL!  My Nessie didn’t turn out quite as perfectly as the one on the template, but it definitely has charm.  My sister-in-law was a fan of my Nessie so I shrunk the template down and made her a mini Nessie…his face turned out a little weird (it looks like he has a moustache instead of a smile) but she loved it!  After making the cute mini-Nessie, I kinda wished that I had just made a mini one for Sophia too as her one is giant!

Anyhoo, that is pretty much everything for Sophia’s bedroom.  Sophia’s bedroom really does have such a calming feeling to it; my husband and I often went and sat in there before Sophia arrived.  I think Sophia loves her bedroom too and finds it nice and calming as she sleeps well in it….thank goodness LOL!



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  1. Olivia humble
    September 2, 2018 / 5:38 am

    Hi auntie Sam I really like your website it is so cool. Love you😘

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