My Story Re-Told

My Story Re-Told

Rethink Breast Cancer and Canadian Breast Cancer Network

I am incredibly honoured to have my story told, not only on the Rethink Breast Cancer blog, but also on the Canadian Breast Cancer Network‘s blog.  Please check out the amazing information that these organizations provide.

Discovery Boosts Chemo While Protecting Heart

I stumbled upon this article that I wanted to highlight.   Researchers at the University of Alberta have been beavering away to come up with a solution to the devastating and unintended effects that chemotherapy can have on healthy parts of the body, especially the heart.   The researchers have come up with a targeted therapy which can prevent the side effects of chemotherapy on the heart, all the while enhancing tumour regression.  This is a very exciting development and fingers crossed the trials go well and this advancement becomes a main-stream reality.

Breast Cancer Risk Test Game Changer

I found another interesting article on the BBC website.  An exciting test is being trialled in the UK which is able to predict a woman’s risk of breast cancer.  The test combines information on family history, genetic markers and other information and is able to identify different levels of risk, not just identifying high risk cases.  If the trials for this test are successful then this test could truly be life-saving.



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