Interesting Breast Cancer Articles

Interesting Breast Cancer Articles

There have been a couple of interesting articles about breast cancer that I have found recently on the BBC website which you might want to check out.

Remarkable Therapy Beats Terminal Breast Cancer

The first one is an article about a pioneering new treatment that managed to save a lady that had terminal breast cancer.  The lady was given just three months to live, but after having the experimental “living drug” treatment there is no sign of the cancer in her body which is utterly amazing.  The article does comment that further testing is required and that unfortunately not everyone responds to the treatment.  Nevertheless, this is enormously encouraging for treatment of breast cancer, and other cancers, in the future.  Keep up the great research!

BBC Presenter Rachael Bland Says She Has Only Days To Live

This article is incredibly heart-breaking, especially when one day after I read this article, Rachael finally lost her battle with cancer.  It is really inspiring that, when faced with a terminal diagnosis, Rachael created a pod-cast to talk about her cancer journey.

Nappily Ever After

On a lighter note, Simon and I watched a movie called “Nappily Ever After” on Netflix the other night.  It’s not the best movie I’ve ever seen, but it’s super easy watching.  The premise of the movie is that the main character is leading a “perfect” life and that her hair is a huge part of that image.  The movie isn’t about cancer, but she loses her hair and the movie follows her journey through her hair starting to grow back.  If you have lost your hair or are going to lose your hair from your cancer treatment then you might want to watch the movie for an idea of the hair journey that you are going to go on.



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