Cancer Free Celebrations!!!!

Cancer Free Celebrations!!!!

It goes without saying that getting the all-clear and being told that you are cancer free after your treatment is a BIG deal!!!!  I officially got the all-clear at my first check-up 6 months after my radiation finished.  I didn’t have an enormous celebration straight away as I was still undergoing Herceptin treatment.  Once the Herceptin treatment was all done though….roll on the celebrations! Yahooo!!!!!!

Simon and my amazing friends Emily and Brandon threw me a surprise cancer-free party once all of my treatment was finished.   I truly had no idea that they had anything planned…the sneaky devils!  I got all dressed up (and by that I mean I wasn’t wearing my yoga pants LOL!) for the 4 of us to go out for dinner one Friday night.  Emily’s sister, Dano, came to babysit Sophia and whilst we were driving to the restaurant Dano pretended to be ill so we had to turn around and drive home.  Once I arrived back home, I was worried about Dano feeling ill and then got the surprise of my life when a bunch of my friends were all standing in the kitchen shouting “surprise”.  It was such a lovely surprise and a wonderful way to celebrate the end of my treatment and being cancer-free.  I’m so lucky to have such wonderful supportive friends!

All throughout my treatment, Simon and I had been plotting where we could go for a celebratory trip.  My initial suggestion was for somewhere in the Caribbean as we were just thinking of somewhere hot, sunny and relaxing.  The Caribbean is a bit of a trek from Calgary though in that most destinations require a connection via Toronto.  We had already taken Sophia on a couple of long trips in the past year and I didn’t want to put her through another long travelling day with connections.  This ruled out the Caribbean for this trip….poop!  Sooooo, we ended up picking Neuvo Vallarta in Mexico as our destination as it’s a quick direct flight from Calgary to Puerto Vallarta and about a 20 minute transfer to the resort.

As summertime in Calgary is usually really nice, Simon and I held off on our celebratory trip to Mexico until October.  A nice relaxing week in Mexico was just what the doctor ordered (no pun intended LOL!).  It was so lovely to have a bit of downtime and not have to worry about being at the hospital for a certain time (when I was still having my treatment), or about work (now that I am back to work).

We stayed a week at the Marival Luxury Residences in Nuevo Vallarta (thanks to Simon’s business partners Chris & Bryan for the recommendation!).  As Sophia naps at lunchtime for up to a couple of hours we thought it would be great if we had our own pool area so that we could still enjoy the lovely weather whilst Sophia napped.  The Marival had some great accommodation options to choose from but we ended up picking a penthouse apartment with our own rooftop pool…..totally amazing and so worth it!  The rooftop pool was really just a plunge pool but it was the perfect height for Sophia to waddle around the pool without her head being under the water.  The rooftop loungers were also great for having a little nap on whilst Sophia napped downstairs in the comfort of the A/C!

I’m so glad that we ended up having our celebratory trip as it was a really lovely way to mark the end of my cancer journey over the last year and a half (my 1 year check-up is fast approaching and I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that everything is still peachy!).  It was also our 10th wedding anniversary so 2 amazing reasons to trot away and celebrate!  As always, Simon picked the perfect resort for us to stay at which just added to all of the fun; the waiters were absolutely loving Sophia and went above and beyond to accommodate requests for lots of blueberries for her LOL!  Sophia had an absolute blast on holibobs….sooooo cute to see my little water baby having such fun playing in the pool every day.  I am going to treasure all of the special memories for a very long time to come.

If you are going through your own cancer journey right now then you definitely need to start plotting a BIG celebratory trip for the end.  Everyone needs to relax in the sun with a cheeky strawberry daiquiri, and after your journey you definitely deserve it!



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