Build Your Own Swing

Build Your Own Swing

I absolutely loved playing on a swing when I was little….who am I kidding, I still love it now LOL!  Anyhoo, my dad (aka Pop) made my sister and I a swing for the backyard which hung from a tree.  We would spend hours spinning the swing in circles to wind it up, then for the thrill of unwinding it super fast…so much fun.  Sophia is a little young for playing on a swing by herself right now (at the grand old age of 1), but I decided that I wanted to build a swing for Sophia so that she can have hours of fun playing in the backyard too.

Although we have trees in our backyard, none of the branches are strong enough or in the right position to hold a swing….bummer.  So I had to build a frame to hold the swing.  I decided on an A-frame swing and asked my dad for guidance on how chunky the wood would need to be to ensure that it was perfectly safe for Sophia to use.

My dad was amazing (as always) and out together a sketch for me on how many bits of wood I would need etc…awesome!

Before I trotted off to the lumber yard, I remembered that we had a lot of extra wood left over in our shed.  I went rummaging through this and it turned out that we had all the wood we needed without having to order anymore…bonus 😊.  I hauled all of the wood into the backyard and FaceTimed my Pop to make sure that the wood was robust enough.  It turns out that I was using extra fence posts so it was going to be super strong.

Now all I had to do was build the frame…for this I roped in Simon to help me.  I would say that Simon helped me, but actually I became his assistant and he did most of the work LOL!  Simon started building the frame whilst I put Sophia to bed.  Once Sophia was in bed, I helped Simon and within a few hours (and after a trip to Home Depot for some brackets and screws to hold the swing), we were done…yahoo!

I should have mentioned earlier that I cheated and bought the actual swing, but you could go crazy and build the swing to go with your frame too.

Here are some step by step pictures of how to build the A-frame swing.  

Sophia likes her new swing, although the saucer type is a little big for her.  I think I might switch it out for a toddler swing so that she can go faster in it (and be safer).

Mission accomplished!



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